Thursday, September 27, 2012

Most Blessed

Living a life of gratitude and grace is about taking time to see the beauty within...

each day
each person
each thing with which we have been most blessed.

It is about realizing that we are blessed because of the Blessed One, and that we honor his blessings by noticing them.

Well this morning I noticed.

Olive oil on the kitchen table that I know for sure had been...

prayed over in preparation for the "Brotherhood Men's Retreat".


I said a silent "thank you" as I considered each person that would be impacted by that oil, which I know for sure had been "blessed".

I said a silent "thank you" for every family, husband, father, mother, and child that would be covered with blessings.

"These are the things that I don't want to take for granted anymore."

Children eating chocolate chip waffles at a table covered in blessed oil.
Children happily quoting Bible Verses they've memorized with help.
Children being raised together with...

a praying man
a God-fearing man
an imperfect man, my husband

who I know for sure has met and communed with

a praying man
the God-Man
the perfect man, Christ Jesus

And what I know for sure, is that

this oil
this house
this family

is "Most Blessed"." target="_blank">
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