Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our 27th First Day of School

Today was the first day of school! 

My children woke...


We had prepared as much as we could the night before.  Slept well.  Prayed up.

My mind was...

ridiculously calm

The folks at my wonderful new job already knew to expect me in a little later

They knew that it was the first day of school
They knew that I wanted to be there to drop my children off
They didn't know the history behind our "first day of school" tradition

"Breathe, Tondra"

Shortly after the children were dressed, my mother arrived to cook our "first day of school" traditional breakfast of chicken and waffles.  We loaded up the car, and headed out, and as we stood in front of the school watching all of the children marching in with overflowing backpacks and tissue boxes in tow,

I couldn't help but think back...

It seems like just yesterday that my mother dropped me off for my first day of school...and then headed to the hospital where she would spend weeks trying to figure out why she was so sick.
The doctors said that she was dying and told her this was probably the last "first day of school" drop-off that she would ever make. 
"Just Breathe, Tondra"

Fast forward...

The doctors were wrong.  My mother lived to see EVERY first day of school that I had all the way through college!  God had big plans because my mother has also seen every "first day of school" for both my son AND my daughter. 

So today I was not only delighted to celebrate my children's first day of school,
but I also celebrated my mother's 27th "First day of school" with us

(and they said that my first would be her last!)
But God said... "Just Breathe"

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