Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Student Driver... A Lesson in Grace

Ever notice how differently we treat student drivers? 

I mean think about it...

We slow down for them
We leave a respectable distance between "us" and "them"
We let them merge into the lane the moment they put their blinker on

We bear with them
We treat them differently.
We make accommodations for them because of what we know about them.

They are... still learning

They have... taken the initiative to learn

They will... with time, get better.

So we don't honk,
or yell,
or express frustration with them because we know that those actions would probably

Do more harm than good...
Stunt their growth...
Impede the learning process...

So instead we exercise
and empathy

as we recall that the black lettering spelling out the words


used to refer to us as well.

But what if we all were still adorned with black lettering letting people know where we are in our journey?

What if our invisible scars were suddenly made visible?
Would it matter?
Would it make a difference how we treat one another?

If you could see that the coworker who irritates you "Is Lonely and Feels Empty Inside"

or if...

The difficult child in your class is suffering because "Nobody Hugs Me at Home"

or if you knew that...

The stranger who is rude to you for no apparent reason may be "Coping With a Loss".

What if we could all see that?  How differently would we treat one another?

I'm just wondering...

How much more patient you would be with me if you knew that some days I still feel like...
a "Student Driver"?

John 15:12

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  1. great perspective.. everyone is enriched when patience and empathy are used.