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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Same Black Dress (Part 1)

This week my daughter and I are supporting Sheyenne's
"Dress For Change" fashion consumerism project.

The objective... to raise funds and awareness for underprivileged girls in Africa
The challenge... to wear the same black dress for 7 days (with gratitude and grace)

I have added another component to our challenge,
to accessorize using only what we already own.

So here's what we're wearing...

Day 1


"Little Black Dress"
Black and White Striped Shirt (gifted to me)
Teal Sweater (JC Penny)
Teal Belt (Goodwill- $2)
Black and White Striped Earrings (my local Dollar Store)


"Little Black Skirt"
Pink Polka Dot T-shirt

Day 2


"Little Black Dress"
Green Ruffle Shirt (hubby bought for me)
"Shades of Green" Earrings (my local Dollar Store)


"Little Black Skirt"
Alphabet "HI" shirt
Lime sweater shrug

Click here to see the next 2 days...

 or here to see the week in review!


  1. You have a great dollar store...I love both those earrings!

  2. What a great challenge that you shared with your daughter! I love the different outfits and how you made each one unique. Good job!!