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Monday, July 29, 2013

Eleven Candles

My son recently turned eleven years old
and it is hard to believe that... 
it has already been ten years since we celebrated his 1st birthday
it will only be ten years until we celebrate his 21st birthday
(or better yet, I should ask)

Eleven years is a big deal, and I wanted to celebrate
with activities that he has always enjoyed like...

 Blowing bubbles...
or even
experimenting with green slime like the kind you see on Familylicious.com

It was quickly brought to my attention, however,
that he had outgrown that type of party

Breathe, Tondra

 Eleven years have taught me...

to let go
loosen up
and go with the flow

especially now, because eleven is all about
identity, discovery of self, and placement in the world
and sometimes when you're eleven mom's ideas seem
childish, embarrassing, out of style
I understand that... I get that...
(my degree is in child development, remember?)
Besides, it was only just a few days ago that I was eleven myself, right?
So in order to avoid all of that adolescent drama,
we decided to keep it simple with a trip to the County Fair
to enjoy the animals

popcorn, slushes, funnel cakes
and fun rides

The following day we kept it basic by grilling hotdogs in the backyard

filling water balloons

and buying a small cake!

My son hugged me before bed and said "thanks for a great birthday, Mom"

and I was happy that celebrating eleven proved to be easy with...
laidback fun

shared with

and a few foal
And 13 days later we celebrated my birthday!

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