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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Learning When to Yield... or Yell

It is summertime and there are children everywhere

Riding their bikes and scooters in the street
Spraying each other with water from the hose
Laughing as they run throughout the neighborhood; enjoying these free days

Seeing them reminds me to slow down, remembering my own childhood,
and the fact that children are


and that it is my responsibility, as the adult, to yield to them

Today as I sat waiting for a red light to turn green, I noticed a young man walking alone

I said a quick silent prayer for him

and another for the young man's family
and then another
for the young man that I am currently raising

I felt tears forming...
then anger...
and frustration...

And as I merged onto the freeway, another car almost collided with mine,
and my anger and frustration intensified

Breathe, Tondra

Maybe the driver in the white car just didn't see you (or)
Maybe he's distracted because he is heading to the hospital to visit a dying family member (or)
Maybe he is late for a job that he really cannot afford to lose (or)
Maybe he is just an idiot going nowhere

It didn't matter, I decided to yield

People do things for different reasons, and I cannot control

their motives
their values
their actions

I can only learn to control my own because it only takes one bad decision to ruin a life

I need gratitude and grace everyday... so I must also give it

And when I see a person who appears to be out of control,
I cannot let my anger and frustration intensify to the point where I become like them. 

That's agreement. 

Instead I am learning to yield because I realize that my yielding does not mean yes. 
It means holding back, restraining for a moment so that unnecessary damage is not caused.

Because I now know that...

There are times to yield, and there are times to yell
and it is our responsibility to learn the difference

After all, aren't we all still just student drivers?

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