Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday... Have it All!

We were preparing to sit down and enjoy a nice "family style" snack when suddenly we noticed that the bowl had been moved. Our eyes quickly scanned the table, and rested on a smiling toddler, our youngest, who had claimed it all

Last night we all sat down together to enjoy another meal

It has been getting harder to do that lately,
but once we were all seated

we prayed
broke bread
shared true stories



The children and I listened intently

as he poured out his heart
and held ours
with his words

A body had been sacrificed for this moment;
another for this meal

and I realized that it always seems to come back to this...

We are imperfect too

sometimes overcooked on the outside
sometimes undercooked on the inside
sometimes overcooked and undercooked at the same time

But none of that even matter because we're grateful for the opportunity to

bless it
break it


have it all...

National Family Dinner Day is Sept. 23rd 
How will your family celebrate "having it all"?

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