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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Pretending

A few years ago...

I took my children to a place called "Pretend City"
and they absolutely loved it!

I had a good time too as I watched them

work pretend jobs
go pretend grocery shopping
and visit the pretend ATM

(to collect pretend money)

They even made me a special pretend meal
and I pretended that it was delicious

Then I snapped this picture of them in the pretend infirmary
as I noticed that they had a lot of real fun... pretending

Well, a few days ago...

My son actually hurt himself at football practice and emerged from the hospital,
a few hours later, on crutches with special instructions to


He had been talking about crutches since our visit to pretend city a few years ago

So why is it that every time I look up, I catch him trying to shuffle his way

to the bathroom
to the kitchen
down the stairs

without his crutches?

It's irony at its best, and I'm thinking to myself...

Aren't you the same kid who had fun pretending to use crutches just a few years ago?
Why is it that now that you actually need crutches, they are left leaning against the wall?
Why are you pretending that you don't need them?

and it occurs to me that...

when we're young we pretend to be hurt
when we get older we pretend not to be hurt because
Being hurt is only fun when it's pretend

But honestly, who has the time and energy for all of that pretending?

Because watching my son has shown me

you can actually heal faster if you just use the crutches
stop trying to keep up with everyone else
walk at your own pace

and likewise, there should come a point in life when we 

grow up
get tired of pretending

and decide that no matter how


we may feel on any given day...

It's better to just be real

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