Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How We Once Viewed Obstacles

A couple of months ago...

My children and I were on the freeway headed to the skating ring
It was Friday night, and they could hardly wait to

use up some energy
see their friends from church
and get their "gospel skate" on

We had made it about 3/4 of the way there,
when one of my children suddenly spoke up from the backseat

"You are driving too slow.  Why aren't we there yet?"

They had been engaged in conversation and hadn't noticed the truck in front of us
carrying an oversized load.  I had been patiently inching along behind it because I didn't want to go around it and risk missing the next exit

My son grabbed my phone and snapped a picture, as I asked
"what do people do with tires that large?"

A couple of weeks ago...
as we toured the kid's club in the hotel where we were vacationing, I saw it... 

A large tire being used as a coffee table; a place for kids to

rest their feet while they

grab a book
or watch movies
on the overhanging television

Such a non-traditional use for a rubber tire, I thought, until...

A couple of days ago...

as I was thinking of

that tire...
that table...

and suddenly realized that my entire (no pun intended) perspective had changed. 

What I had once viewed as an obstacle, was now art!

In this obstacle course called life we are presented with many


which force us to...


Until with practice, we learn the art of maneuvering

an obstacle blocking the path we expected to just skate through

We learn to shift our perspective and find the strength, wisdom, and courage to


and watch as

that blockage
that obstacle
that hindrance

becomes the very thing that we plant our feet on!

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