Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Detangle With Care

We had found our way back to hair sessions, life lessons...

long play days
summer swimming and
daily neglect

(coily twists added to the mix)

the combination
that had my daughter's hair almost permanently loc'ed

I had twisted it before I left town on business, only to return wondering...

How did you manage to get this tangled?

come have a seat...
bow your head...
trust me...

as I moisturize and gently run my fingers through your hair
detangling with care

feeling each knot
and acknowledging it
causing it to slip out with minimal effort

saving almost all of the hair

(knowing that what refused to surrender to my gentle prod was already)

and needed to be placed to the side to be discarded

I'm finding that life is almost just like that at times

I have some knots refusing to surrender...

so I must be willing to have them removed and placed to the side

long work days
summer recreation and
daily responsibilities

(life's twists added to the mix)

the combination conspiring to permanently lock me into a situation
that I thought I had under wraps, only to look up and wonder...

How did I manage to get this tangled?

So I go back to what I've learned

take a seat...
bow my head...
trust as God moisturizes

allowing His hand to gently sweep over me

as He detangles with care

Next hair lesson... The Hair Dance

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  1. A GREAT reminder for life (and for dealing with this baby of mine's hair!)