Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Crunching Leaves (My Thanksgiving Repost)

We held hands
shared apple pie
and crunched leaves in the hospital courtyard

I believe that it was his way of letting me know it was ok


keep moving
keep living
keep enjoying the moments of life

even though we had to leave her there... again

Doctors were giving up
but 35 years later, and yet she lives

She lives
I live
we live...

all because He lives

This time of year always reminds me
(that just like those leaves)

we are still here for

a reason...
a season...

And as they start 

turning beautiful colors
falling off of trees
and blowing in the wind

they float to a soft landing where they wait for

that final crunch
that final "surrender"
that final "thank you"

Life is like that...

we grow
we mature
we change

and just as we are starting to get the hang of it
it is time for us to let go and sail away with the wind

That's what life and crunching leaves is all about...

understanding and acknowledging

the surrender
the process of dying out to bad habits and old ideas
the letting go of one's self and becoming selfless...

in preparation for that final crunch

We are always reminded of that during this time of year

And as life keeps changing

leaves keep


I am reminded that I am still here for a reason, a season

and so as they surrender,
so do I


I am grateful for...

another day
another chance
another opportunity to

hold hands
share apple pie
and crunch leaves

I'm So Thankful

(originally posted 11/15/13)


  1. This was so moving and wonderfully written. Thank you sis for writing this.

    Brother Ammons

  2. Oh, Tondra, this is poignant and beautiful. It touched me deeply. Praying for your heart at this time. May God be present to your whole family. (hugs)