Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Freedom Ain't Free

I walked into the room as my son sat typing his first History report. 

I smiled as I saw the telephone propped up next to the keyboard,
and heard that familiar voice coming out of the speaker

He had called his Papa, my dad, to interview him for his paper on the Vietnam war

I looked over his shoulder and read what he was typing

"...he turned 21 in Vietnam, so his mom sent a cake to the jungle."

I stopped and remembered the story that I have heard many times before...

about how our great aunt, the woman who had raised him, "Mom"
asked our Aunt Gladys to make a German chocolate cake for his 21st birthday

He continued typing and for the first time I stopped to think about
how strong a woman must have to be

to send her child to war
ask her sister to bake his favorite cake
to send to him on the other side of the world

...for his birthday

Breathe, Tondra

I remember hearing her talk of how before he left

she had prayed
asking God to get him out of it...

but God answered that he still had

to go
to learn
to fight

I remember hearing her talk of how once he was gone

she prayed
asking God to bring him home...

and God answered by bringing him back

to her
safe and

I have heard these stories before, but as my son sits typing, for the first time I realize

that even though she never left home...
she fought in the war too!

Which immediately reminded me of the words
embroidered on a blanket in my parent's family room...

"Freedom is not Free"

And as I think about it
I realize that freedom definitely costs...


and freedom ain't cheap

because its costs often lead all the way up

to loss

of life
and limb

And if we are to truly enjoy freedom
it will cost a life of...


God sacrificed the life and limb of His own Son
in order to gain my freedom

and even now

as I rest free in Christ
I acknowledge that if I am to remain free

I will have to

give something too
sacrifice something too

because He expects nothing less than the same in return

which is

the surrender

of life
and limb
dedicated to His service

So today I peacefully surrender


the "freeness" of freedom...
(while also fully aware)

that freedom

ain't free!

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