Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Love... Simple Gifts to Give at Christmas

Money tight?
No time to shop?
Realize that Christmas is less than two weeks away?

No worries!

Here are a few tips for simple, stress-free gift giving to help you along the way...

1.  Give something festive
2.  Give something of a shared interest
3.  Give to a stranger
4.  Give something that can become a tradition
5.  Give something inspirational
6.  Give something from a child
7.  Give the gift of your talents
8.  Give something for the entire family
9.  Give something for an unborn child
10. Give your favorite thing
11. Give something to create a memory

12. Give Something Sweet

The Holiday Season should be less about receiving things...
and more about giving love

What promotes love more than family togetherness?
What promotes family togetherness more than food? 

So if you wanna give the perfect gift...
you can never go wrong with something that's sweet and fresh out of the oven!

13. Give Something Fun

 My work with children has taught me to focus on process vs. product by acknowledging the overall  experience of the child.  Which is why I LOVE the sensory baths experience that Crystal Underwood creates for her children over at "Growing a Jeweled Rose".  Oh, how I wish I would have found this site when my children were younger!!  She has so many good ideas!

glowing bath water Outer Space bath
But wait, baths are not just for kids... Oh, no!  It's nice to create a relaxing bath experience for the much deserving adult in your life too!!  Head on over to Angie at "Echoes of Laughter" to find other gift giving ideas that are simple and stress-free.

So don't just give a any gift this Holiday... give something fun and create an experience!

More ways to give...   

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