Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Love... When Your Refrigerator Dies 2 Days Before Christmas

God is good...
Life is good...

and just when you

think you have things figured out
think you've learned enough to share with someone else

life will remind you that...

"You don't know nothing, kid"

Last night I sang in a Christmas concert

gave it my all and
poured myself out before Him...

which is probably why

this morning I woke to find my freezer leaking
and spoiling all of the groceries that I'd just purchased the day before

But God is good...
Life is good...

because that's when I was able to see that

my list was upside down
priorities mixed up

and that

I didn't know as much as I thought I did

And THEN...

when I came here to add more onto our gifting list

I realized that my list literally was upside down because

since we are counting down to Christmas
our stress-free gifting ideas list should also be a COUNTDOWN

"But hey, what do I know?"

So here is the list as I think it should now appear...

20. Give something festive
19. Give something of a shared interest
18. Give to a stranger
17. Give something that can become a tradition
16. Give something inspirational
15. Give something from a child
14. Give the gift of your talents
13. Give something for the entire family
12. Give something for an unborn child
11. Give your favorite thing
10. Give something to create a memory
 9.  Give something sweet
 8.  Give something fun
 7.  Give something sentimental

6. Give Something Useful

 Giving something useful can be as easy as having a meal delivered,
collecting canned goods to share, or giving a pair of socks to a child in need

5. Give Something Handmade

 Working with the children at
"A Place for Little Hands"
has taught me the value of a handmade gift

and a handmade gift that is also edible?
My absolute favorite!

These Christmas cupcakes decorated by the kids make the sweetest gift!

4. Give of your Time

There are so many ways to give of your time...

You can volunteer, serve, support a cause, visit someone who is sick,
sit with someone in need, talk to someone who needs a friend,
or even take a moment to smile at the people
you come in contact with on a daily basis... 

(Thanks, Jam!) 

When I saw Sherri Shepherd's book, "Permission Slips", 
I knew immediately who I wanted to gift it to...

I purchased two copies
and wrapped hers in fancy ribbon
(with an invite to lunch in January)

so that we can discuss the first chapter of the book! 

Now we have an "excuse" to get together each month for our monthly sisterly bonding...
because after all it's our literary responsibility, right?

Christmas countdown... 2 days!

More ways to give... 

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