Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Love... Favorite Things To Give

We're keeping the Holiday gifting stress-free this year, with these simple tips...

1.  Give something festive
2.  Give something of a shared interest
3.  Give to a stranger
4.  Give something that can become a tradition
5.  Give something inspirational
6.  Give something from a child
7.  Give the gift of your talents

8.  Give Something for the Entire Family

You can't go wrong with a pizza kit... 
Gather ingredients, place in a basket, wrap, and you've
given something the entire family can make and enjoy together!

9.  Give Something for an Unborn Child

When gift giving this season, don't forget the little ones who haven't arrived yet
Mom-to-be can begin reading to her little one while in utero
and the books can be enjoyed for many years to come

What a great way to start introducing language and literacy!

10. Give Your Favorite Thing

I introduced a "favorite things" gift exchange for last year's office
Holiday Party and it was so much fun, everyone voted to do it again! 

It's super simple and only requires three steps...

Set a purchasing limit- (ours was $10)
and purchase something that is a "favorite"

Present to the group letting them know why item was selected

Each person pick two items to take home

It's so simple and fun... bring two items, leave with two items!

Items may be identical, or show some variation...

My inspiration for this amazing favorite things party idea?...
Erin @ The Sunny Side Up Blog!

So, what are your favorite things to give?

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