Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Love... Let Your Light Shine

Christmas is less than 24 hours away

and while others are


trying to gather those few last minute Christmas gifts, we're at peace in celebrating that...

"Jesus is the Reason for the Season"

Here's a recap of the top 20 countdown for simple, stress-free gifting...

20. Give something festive
19. Give something of a shared interest
18. Give to a stranger
17. Give something that can become a tradition
16. Give something inspirational
15. Give something from a child
14. Give the gift of your talents
13. Give something for the entire family
12. Give something for an unborn child
11. Give your favorite thing
10. Give something to create a memory
 9.  Give something sweet
 8.  Give something fun
 7.  Give something sentimental
 6.  Give something useful
 5.  Give something handmade
 4.  Give of your time 

3. Give Something Personalized

 Any parent knows that children are always asking for things and that
Christmas is the one time of year when we especially try to meet their requests

But those requests are not always tangible.  So what simple, stress-free
solution do I have for ensuring that everyone gets what they want?

Personalized Gift Tubes!!
I set out repurposed paper towel tubes for children to decorate during our studio time...
the children had no idea how their tubes would be used!

My hubby's tube is filled with sweet, sentimental things that I love about him...
(along with those chocolate covered almonds I've had stashed away)

My daughter's tube is filled with things that I know she would love to have like...
(30 min extra computer time on the weekend)

My son's tube is filled with things that I know he would love to do like...
(stay up an extra 30 minutes on a school night)

2. Give in Secret

 Matthew 6:3-4

"When you give... do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"

1. Give From Your Heart

And finally, the best gift I've found to give someone this Holiday Season is absolutely free...

It's the gift of Christ
the Gospel
the glorious message

that Jesus was
born to die

so that we could be
born to live

and we give that gift by allowing our lives to be given back

to Him
to others

Because the best gift to give someone this Season is the gift of...
Letting your Light shine!

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