Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Love... The Secret to Good Gift Giving

With only several days 'til Christmas we're sharing 20 tips for simple, stress-free gift giving
So far we have...
1.  Give something festive
2.  Give something of a shared interest
3.  Give to a stranger
4.  Give something that can become a tradition
5.  Give something inspirational
6.  Give something from a child
7.  Give the gift of your talents
8.  Give something for the entire family
9.  Give something for an unborn child
10. Give your favorite thing
11. Give something to create a memory
12. Give something sweet
13. Give something fun

14. Give Something Sentimental
Holiday time is as good a time as any to show sentiment by telling someone...
"Thank You"

My mother started creating handmade cards in 1991
as "The Original Greeting Card"

and almost 23 years later,

I have found her unique creations to be the gift that keeps on giving!

(now to just convince her to open a shop...)

These four cards were created to be given as a boxed set gift for a friend who loves giving cards...
Her gift?  A gift to give to someone else!

"I'm Thinking of You"

This art was originally created as an "I See More" Crayon Melting Activity
and has been displayed in our Children's art studio for over a year now. 
As I was walking past it one day, I looked up and once again... saw more! 

This along with an attached note from the heart would be the perfect gift
to let my special family member know that I was thinking of them

Want to make your gift sentimental?  Add a personalized note!

"I Appreciate You"

Finally, my good friend over at "Different Kinds of Happy" is such a fantastic
gift giver that I could have created an entire post just from the gifts she has
given me over the years!  My favorites have been the sentimental notes she's gifted
in appreciation for when her children attended my child care program.

I've learned that the secret to simple, stress-free gift giving is knowing the recipient, and
knowing how to speak their "love language".  Well this girl definitely knows my love
language, and she also knows that it almost always includes some form of chocolate!! 

Here are a few of my favorite gifts that I've received from her... 

Free Housecleaning Services

The "Mint" Jar
Mint gum, chocolate mints, and peppermints with a handwritten
note thanking my family for our involve-"mint" in her children's lives


a box filled with enough goodies for my entire family to make

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream Sundae Kit (photo credit: momsneedtoknow.com )

What are your favorite sentimental gifts to give and/or receive?

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