Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A New Perspective... and A Field Trip Lesson

I was given very clear instructions...
"Mom, when we get on the bus sit by me, okay?"
Before we leave we're gonna pray...
"Just bow your head and close your eyes, okay?"
"Don't say 'yes Lord' or anything, just let him pray alone, OKAY?"
"Okay", I promised,
(because on Fourth grade field trip day you're just honored that...) 
she still asks you to go
she still wants you to go
to hang out with her and her friends
Shortly after we arrived we headed to the Endeavor exhibit
(which begins with a short film documenting the journey of the space shuttle to the CA Science Center)
It looked
incredibly small on the back of that aircraft carrier, then
incredibly large as it rolled past houses and onlookers
and I remembered...
that in September of 2012
I declared it one of the most amazing sights that I had ever seen
The space shuttle Endeavor being transported on the back of
NASA's shuttle carrier aircraft which I wrote about here
When the movie ended we headed downstairs to see it and realized it is HUGE!!
Upon entering the room, one of my daughter's good friends asked me...
"Well if the shuttle is this big, then how big was the plane?"
I didn't have an answer (and he must have known) because he ran off with his friends, as I was left standing there alone, his question still lingering
back on the bus
the kids were noisy from all of the excitement 
I suggested that everyone close their eyes and rest for 10 minutes,
but nobody liked my idea
So I closed my eyes to rest until...
I felt a small hand tapping me
When I opened my eyes, the little boy sitting on the other side of the aisle 
said "I wasn't too impressed with that"
as he pointed down to the souvenir bag on the seat next to him
It had a picture of the Endeavor and I finally had the answer to the question I'd been asked hours earlier!
"If the shuttle is this big, then how big was the plane?"
So I asked him...
"When we saw the film, did the shuttle look big or small?"
"Ok, when we saw the shuttle, did that look big or small?"
"Well maybe that's how it is with God..."
and before I could continue
those words must have pierced my daughter's ears,
instantly reminding her 
that she had forgotten to give me instructions for the bus ride back
She leaned over and abruptly asked him... "Do you want to listen to this?"
but his eyes were still on me, so I continued...
"Maybe that's how it is with God.  Our problems look so big, and we can't figure out how to solve them, but then when we put them next to God, they look so small because He can do anything!"
And with that said, I closed my eyes to rest

leaving my daughter

and with a new perspective

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