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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Same Black Dress... Styled by Mo

Last year I began wearing this same Black Dress after being inspired
by Sheyenne's support of the "Dress for Change" Consumerism Project

I spent the year showcasing my dress in many different ways to include

church wear
Black and White


Fall Fashions

(click any of the links above to follow along)

Well this year, I've decided to enlist some styling help with my black dress,
and since my 9-yr. old daughter had already asked if she could style me,

I agreed to start with her


"How hard could this be?"

First I asked her to choose a black dress...
My "same" black dress
My "new" black dress
Then she chose this shirt and sweater...

and that's when I remembered that we'd nicknamed her "Punky Brewster" for a reason,
but it was too late to turn back,

so I pulled these matching shoes from a box at the top of my closet...

asked her to choose between these 3 earring options...

 and then...
when a friend from church saved the day by giving me this necklace...

I convinced my daughter that it would perfectly tie the whole look together...

and Voila!

Since next month is the hubby's birthday, our anniversary, AND Valentine's day...
I've asked him style me for February and he (very reluctantly) said "yes" 
(check out our outfits hanging together here)

Then check out my black dress with old boots and new shoes!

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