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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Brown Boots Live On (Part 1)

Just as my daughter and I got out of the car, it began to rain
so we hurried through the parking lot and quickly ducked inside

The mall was empty
and as we walked a mysterious sound followed us


It echoed

and each time
we heard the clink

I also felt the clink


Maybe I had just been too busy to notice sooner,
or maybe it was the empty mall that brought it to my attention

but for whatever reason

I could no longer ignore it
could no longer avoid it

and had no choice but to go in for the lesson.

"Moriah, listen... do you hear that sound?'

I watched as she tuned in and tried to follow the sound
it escaping her
as it bounced through the empty corridor


I stopped walking and lifted my foot to show her the heel of my right boot

"It seems that I've worn the heel off of these boots.  I need to take them to the shoe repair..."

and then as I looked
as I really looked

I noticed for the first time just how bad my favorite brown boots actually looked

and found myself saying the unthinkable...

"These are not even worth repairing.  Look, they're all torn up"

Those words echoed through the halls of the empty mall and
I realized that I was guilty of not practicing what I preach...

"Don't forget to put yourself on the list"

is the sermon I often rehearse with

close friends and family...
the women that I work with...

and even
sisters at church...

"You've gotta put yourself on the list because
if you don't take care of you, who will?"

But it appeared that I hadn't even been heeding my own advice

I guess sometimes life can get so busy

working with others
taking care of others
worrying about others

that it becomes easy to forget to stop and check your own boots!

Once we had made it back home, I took an even closer look at my brown boots
and began to think of a way that I could

save those boots
salvage those boots

And then it came to me...

I measured
I cut
I pulled a needle and thread while praying
and channeling my inner Renegade Seamstress

and once I was satisfied with the results...

I got the heels replaced!

I am so happy that I found a way to let my favorite brown boots live to see
another season and that I was able to teach my daughter three lessons in one...

1.)  Use what you have and be creative
2.)  Never give up on what you love
3.)  Don't forget to stop and check your own boots!

(Wanna see what I did with "the tops" of my brown boots? Click here!)

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