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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Brown Boots Live On (Part 2)

It all began one rainy night last October...

My favorite brown boots got a "new look"

as I discovered the importance of "checking your own boots"

and learned the beauty of

using what I have
being grateful
wasting less

and with boot remnants left still sitting on my dresser
I began to wonder...

How would my grandma have handled this?
There's no way she would have thrown away her favorite boots or any piece thereof

No way!

She would have found a way to maximize every piece

And so I sat
and waited...

as days passed...

Until late December

when my little "American Girl" received one of her own for Christmas,
and it finally came to me!

Introduce my daughter to sewing AND use a remnant of brown boot

Two lessons in one!

So I...

1. Took the top cutoff portion from my brown boot and a choker necklace given to me by a friend
2. Pulled a needle and thread, attaching the two and...


3. Ended up with this custom made doll skirt that my daughter LOVED!!

So I have learned that...
"When you take time to stop and check your own boots,
then you will have more to give to someone else"

And the brown boots live on...
(read Part 3 here)

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