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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Brown Boots Live On (Part 3)

"The brown boots live on? Oh, that's nice..."

was the reaction I really expected because

I didn't think that as many of you would be

this interested
in the follow-up to this story,

this invested
in the follow-up to this story,

but your inquiries and suggestions have let me know that many of you get it...

you see
and understand

that this post was never really just about a pair of refashioned brown boots
(they're not that special)

But this post has always been an invitation for us to take better care of ourselves...

because we are that special!

If you're new to this conversation...
read the "Brown Boot Chronicles" from the beginning

(part 1) and (part 2)

and for the rest of you who have been asking...

Here are my brown boots in action!

And just in case you noticed...
YES, that is my same black dress


Look closer...

and you will notice other leftover pieces from the boot top!

Sure, I know they're not perfect, but I have another piece that I plan to use to finish up them...
and I have a piece to add to my scrapbook...
and I have another doll skirt in the works...

all because

I stopped
and noticed...

So that's what this is really about


to stop and check in with yourself
put yourself back on the list
take some time just for you

realizing that you'll actually have more to give as a result

To date, I have managed to find a way to re-use 6 pieces of boot fragments,
and I know that my grandma would be so proud!! 

And there are still two pieces left!

Ideas anyone?

Click here to check out my black dress as it goes tribal!

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