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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

About Love... It's Our Anniversary

If you've been reading along, then you already know that in our home we celebrate love by...

10.  Remembering the good, the bad, and the in-between
 9.  Using our hands
 8.  Being our best selves
 7.  Seeing the best in others
 6.  Singing and laughing together

We're halfway through the countdown and we've just come to my favorite way to celebrate!

5.  Spending Time Together
As a couple...
We traveled to Bali, Indonesia the summer of the year we were married

and even though we traveled with 14 other married couples
we still managed to find time to get away...

as a quiet walk along a path
led down 182 steps
to a private beach

where we

sat and observed
talked and listened

to sounds of the crashing ocean waves

The attendant (the only other person there)
played soft music and burned incense as an offering...

It was just the two of us spending time together and it was absolutely beautiful

But now that we have two children...
(getting away is not always an option)

so last year my hubby surprised me with special time together right at home! 

I arrived from work to find all of the lights out and as I struggled to unlock the door it suddenly opened from the inside.  My children stood at the door, greeting me, dressed in their Sunday Best

The girl took my things and put them away
The boy took my arm and led me into the kitchen

where the table was set for a candlelit dinner complete with

freshly prepared food
sparkling grape and apple cider
and our favorite songs playing quietly in the background

After I was seated...

my hubby stepped in quietly from the other room
dressed in his Sunday best
with flowers

and a "Happy Anniversary" that took my breath away!

Click here for the countdown finale!

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