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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Same Black Dress... NEW Shoes!

I was there for one reason, but it quickly turned into another when she asked...

What size shoe do you wear?
and my answer, sufficing her, sent her running frantically into the next room

Here, try these on..

They look good on you...
I want you to have them...
I've been waiting for the right person to give them to...

and by the time that I walked out of there I had 22 new pairs!

The last time something like this happened was right before a transition when

my cousin brought me several large bags
filled with clothing
given to me by someone whom I had never even met

Even then we laughed and marveled as I declared...

"I may not know where I am going,
but I know what I will be wearing once I get there!"

And so here I am again...

blessed beyond measure and patiently waiting to see where He leads me next


I don't mind wearing the same dress each week
I don't mind receiving items previously worn by others
I don't mind shopping from other people's closets


even though I may not always know

what my next step should be
what my next step will be

I always know that He is ahead of me

leading the way

So I'll put on my "new shoes" and my "same black dress"

and walk humbly
and confidently

while still praying...

"Walk with me, Lord"

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