Monday, February 10, 2014

About Love... We Sing Together

They were bickering like nobody's business and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why

But then just moments later, a song sprang forth

He started
she joined in

and as they sang together
the mood in the room changed

and before I knew it
they were laughing

I think that's the first time that I realized that...

"When you sing together, you agree"

which now occurs to me as the reason the church elders use to warn us as young people...

"Be careful who/what you

listen to
sing along with
let entertain you"

because they too realized that if you

sing together
laugh together

you will begin to agree
(its called "harmony" for a reason)

and to agree
is to become one

I was singing in the choir on the day my hubby

walked into our church
headed down the middle aisle
was water baptized into the Name of the Lord

He joined the choir not long after that
sat next to me

and from that day forward we've been learning how to

sing together
laugh together

(or something like that)

And this week as we celebrate our 14th wedding Anniversary
I can't help but smile as I look back at how things have unfolded


I am so glad
that God is teaching us how to become one as we...

6. Sing Together, Laugh Together

A gift from my Baby Girl...
because she knows that her momma loves music!
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