Saturday, February 8, 2014

About Love... When Life is Puzzling

Sometimes life is puzzling
Why do things work this way?
Why do they act like that?
How should I handle this?
Yes, life can be downright confusing at times
 and doesn't always make sense because
we do not see the entire picture
But I'm learning that people see what they want to see...
You go looking for trouble?
You will find it...
You want mess?
You want confusion?
It's all right there waiting for you...
You want peace, love, joy?
Open your eyes and see it...

When I was younger my mother taught me how to put a puzzle together

She said...
"Find the corner and edge pieces first"
(a lesson that I'm sharing with my children)
So first I printed the photographs...

Glued foam squares onto the backs of the pictures...

Covered the front with contact paper
and ran them through the die cut machine...

to make a puzzle for each of my kiddos!

I'll use this to remind them that sometimes life is puzzling

and you will need to sit down
find a corner
start with the edges and slowly reconnect the pieces
until the picture has become clear again

I'll remind them that when they are trying to put the pieces
of life together they must first start with the corner
(Ephesians 2:20)

and learn to focus on the entire picture because it says...

If you're looking for a reason to doubt...
you will find it

If you're looking for a reason to believe...
you will (with great contentment)
have all the proof you need

-Tondra Denise

So I'll teach them that as much as it is within their power
they should always try to first

7.  See the Best in Others

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