Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Monday, March 10, 2014

I Still Believe

When I was in first grade my teacher painted a surprise for us on St. Patrick's Day...

small green footprints
leading up the wall and
into the vent near the ceiling

As soon as we entered the classroom,

we all


and many of us also believed...

Then after lunch recess
we came back to our desks to find

hand-written notes

to each of us (from Patrick) the leprechaun who claimed to be visiting only for the day...

and yet

he stayed with us for years

as many of us would return to her class each year to witness
the "new" believers receive their letters

And no matter how big we had gotten, each year she would let us back in to see...

Her only rule?

You still had to believe

Well I get it now...

As Early Childhood Educators it is our job to plant seeds of

hope and

in something


We provoke

thought and wonder
curiosity in the unknown and
give permission to believe in that which cannot even be seen

Then we protect those newly planted seedlings
by not allowing anyone to

trample them
destroy them
impede their growth

Yes, I get it now...

and I am grateful for all of the people who God has used
to cultivate the seeds He's planted within me

So, to Mrs. Sammons (and so many others along the way)

Thank you...

for teaching me

to notice
to hope
to dream

I am looking up
and yes...

I still believe!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I have worked with Mrs. Sammons for 20 plus years and she continues to be an inspiration for many people, including me.
    Susan Jennings

    1. Yes! Mrs. Sammons is one of the reasons that I went into Early Childhood Education. God used her to help me find my way...

  2. I love this! How sweet of you to remember my precious mother. What wonderful memories you have shared!
    Suzanne Sammons Coughran

    1. Suzanne, your mother is amazing and there is no way that I could ever forget her!!