Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lord, Show Me A Sign

The campus was undergoing construction and I wasn't sure if I would know which way to go,
so I said a quick prayer before heading out...

"Lord, please make my path straight and show me a sign"

Sure enough when I arrived
I found parking being redirected

as several men waved large signs pointing to where I was now supposed to park

I smiled and pulled into the parking garage and found a spot

Volunteers in brightly colored vests were strategically placed along the path that led to the

conference registration
free continental breakfast
keynote address

A quick glance at the program indicated that each of my three workshops
would be held in Building T

I headed out of the gym and began walking and there it was

a sign showing me which way to go

"Lord, show me a sign", I had prayed

and now this...

And the irony was not totally lost on me because
God has a sense of humor and I know it

T is also my nickname

and as I read
the sign

Building T, go right

I also read it as
for "building" T, go right!

Only if life were always this easy
(a sign with our name and an arrow pointing which way to go)

But God has left us a sign...

His message
His Word

The Holy Bible

which points us in the right direction

And when we open it and begin to read
He makes our pathway straight

So today if you're...

unsure of where you're going
unsure of how to navigate this confusing world

or if the place you've always known
is now under construction

take a moment


slow down
look to the sky
and pray for direction

Proverbs 3:3-5