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Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day

I instructed my family...

"Please do not buy me anything for Mother's Day"

And although my family gives really great gifts,
I honestly have more stuff than I know what to do with right now

More stuff is not what I'm feeling.

I've received my fair share of...



catered dinners and
homemade breakfasts galore

But I do not want any of that this year...

And I realize that maybe some mothers do want

an exotic vacation

or a day trip to the spa for a facial, mani/pedi, and a hot stone massage
(see how long that list can get?)

but I can guarantee you that is not what most mothers really want either...

And whether your mother is living or not,
you still have an opportunity to give your mom what she really wants for mother's day

So what does Mom really want for Mother's Day?
(She wants the same thing that she has wanted since the day she found out she was expecting you...)

Mom wants the BEST... for YOU!

She wants...

your development
healthy form
full gestation and smooth delivery

She wants your growth, maturation, and continued success

What Mom really wants is for you to...

dream big
try hard and
conquer great things

so that even after she
(and you)

are long gone from this planet,
the world will have been made a better place

because God used her
to do something


by having you!

(sharing this today)

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