Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All Churched Out

She said that she was "all churched out"
but I wasn't exactly sure why

or what she even meant for that matter

When pressed further, she explained...

and it turns out that someone had offended her with a
comment made about her church wardrobe choices

(guess she doesn't own a black dress)


as I thought about it
as I have been thinking about it...

I have gone through a range of emotion

First, I wanted to remind her that High School was no walk in the park either
(many comments, opinions, and suggestions were made to us back then)

but we didn't drop out of school!

In fact there are many other places where we have encountered


over the years,

but almost always
in all of those

other cases...
other places...

We have kept going back!

We don't quit our jobs because of someone at work...
We don't stop driving because of someone on the road...
We don't give up on shopping just because of a rude cashier...

No, we keep going back

because we

need to work...
need to commute...
need groceries...

So why are we so quick to give up on church?  Don't we need church?

Then I realized that I wasn't really hearing her...

and tried to understand it from her experience

arriving to the place where you

think you will be safe
think you should be safe

only to be attacked by someone who is

supposed to care
supposed to love
supposed to know God

causing you to realize they probably don't

(after all we're still learning Peter's lesson)

This week I read a daily devotional series on the church

and as I read, I realized that we had been

overlooking the obvious
avoiding the truth
missing the point

in that

there is a vast difference between

the church and
the church building

because the true church is not a building

It is an invisible body of believers that have been called out by God


the building is just where we gather to

reconnect with one another
rebuild one another
rejoice with one another

it is a

place of worship
place of refuge

for all who are...

(or weird)

which is exactly why...


and yes, we do/will encounter some who


our peace

but we must endure them...
for now

because if we claim to be the true church of God
it is impossible for us to ever really be

"all churched out"

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