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Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Lesson in Thanksgiving

These are my students...

or my teachers
(depending on how you look at it)

because the truth of the matter is

I have probably learned just as much from these children
as they have learned from me

In fact, a few years ago I began documenting the lessons and turned them into a book

and in


a new part of me has been awakened 

as I realize that God has been very patient with me


the truth of the matter is that most often when I look up to glean one of God's lessons
I find that it is one of these children He is using!

some of my favorites include...

And then there was that night the kids had their cousins over for a sleepover at our house

and as we prepared for bed
and said our prayers

I learned another lesson as

The little ones began to give thanks...

first for their parents
then their older cousins

and then for me

"Thank you for Tondra"

and Tondra's home
and Tondra's birthday
and Tondra's cake
and Tondra's candles
and Tondra's gifts...

(and although they were only 2 and 4 at the time)

It made me wonder if I'd ever given thanks for my gifts? 
My talents? 

Have I ever given thanks for the things that make me...

uniquely me?

The things that make me...

or embarrassed at times?

Have I ever given thanks for...

my candles?
my cake?
my birthday?
my home?

Have I ever just given thanks for me? 

I mean just me?  Without adding anything extra at the end?

and the thought of that seemed a bit cavalier at first,
but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made

Because after all, without me, I couldn't enjoy Him!

(which thought had never occurred to me until the teachers arrived
and offered this lesson in thanksgiving)

So, Thank you Lord...

for my family and friends
my church
my Pastor
my home
your love
your Spirit
your sacrifice
my song
and every gift

Oh, and Lord...

"Thank you for me"

(original post 11/13/12)

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