Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Carefully Watching

I am carefully watching...

what I say
what I share
what I show

because I know that with the ones around me...

it's not just about what I say
it's also about what I do

So I arrive early

to stand
and wait
and watch

as the children play out on the yard

And in a moment of clarity I am carefully watching...

the first grader who attended my child care program
some boys in my son's grade
the girl who my daughter claims as her best friend

because I want to see

how they are
who they are
what they do

when they don't know
that I am watching


I wonder
I worry
I realize

that maybe sometimes

we forget that He is also carefully watching

and that

how we are
who we are
what we do

(when we think that no one sees)

speaks volumes

And so I arrive early

to stand
and wait
and watch

until what I see

makes me smile
warms my heart
restores my confidence

and I know that

I will
they will
we will

all be just fine with Him...

carefully watching

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  1. I hope my little first grader wasn't wildin' out too much! ;-)