Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Letter to the Sisters

My Dear Sister,

You do know that I love you, right?

And that God loves you?
Is in love with you?
Has the best intention for you?

Yes?  Ok, good because I have something to say my dearly beloved sister...

"Stop it"

Stop putting all of your


into man

Stop crying over

who he says you are
or are not

Stop fussing and fighting against him
and start fighting and winning with him

God gave woman to man as a gift, remember?
And what gift do you give that you do not want the recipient to use?

(let that sink in for a moment)

Because what I'm saying is that God gave woman because...

God wants to use woman!

My dear sister, I hope you can hear me...
please hear me...

because there is a distinction between being used and "being used"
(and only God and you will know what that is for you and where to draw that line)

because although the head of every woman is a man
(and we are grateful for that)

it was never intended for man to become her God

So "stop it"...

Stop shrinking back from the life God has called you to
and start living

with purpose
and power

in submission

because that's where your strength lies

Sister, I love you
but please don't take all day figuring this out

because whether you've been together

5 weeks
5 years
5 decades

a man can never fully validate you
(or invalidate you, for that matter)

Man can only affirm what you already know about yourself!

I am a woman
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am a daughter of the King

I have purpose
I have vision
I have favor

and together with Him (and him) I am unstoppable

For Eve was taken OUT of Adam

a separate and unique being

a free

outside of him!

And sis, the real reason that I am writing this letter is because I know that you have


about the work that you feel your brother could benefit from,
but I need to also tell you this last thing...

"Stay out of it.  That is God's business, not yours"

Because God placed man into a deep sleep

so that He could

remove a rib
form a woman
complete a woman

so if it feels like your brother

is sleeping
doesn't quite understand

just be quiet

and be still
and allow

God to finish

working on you...
forming you...
completing you...


(Genesis 2:21)

sharing this lesson today


  1. So blessed to meet you here! Dropping in from Kristen's linkup.

  2. Thank you Loretta. Yes, Kristen's linkup is one of my favorites!