Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Becoming Momma

I love my Momma

and I am so grateful for her
and the times that we have shared


(sometimes laughing until we cry)

Because I realize...

There is no other relationship on the planet
comparable to that of a mother and her daughter

And although when I was younger we didn't always see eye to eye


we answer

the same thing at
the same time

and I have to


(sometimes laugh until I cry)

at the realization of just how strong my mother's influence is in my life

Then the other day...

when she arrived at our house and sat her purse down on the counter next to mine
I couldn't help but notice just how much like momma I've become!

And when I went to grab my camera, she knew...
and said "yeah, I noticed that too"

And even hours later I couldn't stop thinking about the implications

of having a mother
of being a mother

because those types of blessings just shouldn't be taken for granted

And even if it means...

that the older I get
the more like her I will become

I am fine with that
I am happy with that

because I know that it means


she was here
she made a difference

she made

an influence
an impact
an impression in my life

so that

I could become the woman that I am...
God's woman...


graciously loved
available and always
ready to be used

while also...

becoming Momma

Happy Mother's Day 2015! 

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