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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Faded Memories are Better than No Memories

It is amazing

how much damage a little water can cause...


and apparently
even photographs and scrapbook pages

Last summer...

as we saw the steady progress during the restoration of our home
imagine my surprise when I found mold growing on our

wedding scrapbook and
our children's baby photo albums

then when I told my mother (also an avid scrap booker)
that our memories had been ruined

she simply said...

Faded memories are better than no memories at all

and as I flipped through
I noticed those pictured who are no longer with us...

an aunt
a cousin
a First Lady

and the proof in what my mother was saying lay resting right there on those pages

as I looked at my cousin LaShay applying my makeup with...


a smile

and only half of her right thumb

And although she suffered many complications from sickle cell
and had not been feeling well during the weeks leading up to our wedding

she still managed to transform me into the most beautiful bride that my husband has ever seen
while not once complaining or drawing any attention to herself

but instead

she kept smiling
and working
and giving

her best

And although now...

she is gone
they are gone
some are gone

we are still here

gifted with another day to keep


our story

(so that no matter what else may happen from this day forward)

We will always know that...

Faded memories are better than no memories at all


How do you capture memories?

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