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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye Summer

Since this time of year always brings up the

I have found several


"Things to do"

to help us remember our summertime adventures
and ease our transition into the next season


They are to...

1. Write

(which I'm sure)

comes as no surprise to all of my blogging friends
because it's exactly what we love to do...

Found these in the $1 Zone at our favorite store...
But I have found, however, most people are surprised to hear
that I still have a vacation notebook from my childhood

"The Great Summer Road Trip of 1984"

the year that we...

loaded up the RV
hopped in
and traveled across the U.S for six weeks

simply put...
"Write to capture what you wish to remember"

2. Make a Scrapbook

Pictures really are worth a thousand words and I find
that our entire family enjoys looking through our
scrapbooks again and again because...

"Pictures tell the story in ways that words cannot"

3. Start a Tradition

My daughter and her two god-sisters have a yearly tradition of
getting matching outfits for dress-alike days during the summer

"A tradition is a way to share, to show, to honor what you love"

4. Make a Keepsake

Create a memory keepsake that represents

a place 
an activity
an experience shared

Last summer my daughter and I signed up for a free art class 
hosted by a local artist in our hotel's lobby.  Not only did we enjoy the
time together, we learned something new, and walked away with
a keepsake to document the fun and learning we shared that day!

"A keepsake is something you can hold as a reminder of... when we were there"

5. Order a Professional Book

I was glad my mom took advantage of the free Shutterfly book coupons
that we received on the flight home from our vacation in Maui last year.

When they arrived it was clear to me that a professional book
is a great way to share memories for many years to come!

Saying Goodbye Summer... Hello, Fall!
(with more ideas coming soon)

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