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Friday, November 27, 2015

Why I Will Never Thrift Store Shop... Ever Again

I hated thrift store shopping when I was a child... HATED it!

Looking through

the aisles
the racks
the piles of clothes

was something that I just didn't


But as I grew older

I found my way back inside of a popular thrift store
and immediately fell in love with the bargains found there!

Shirts... 3.99
Pants... 5.99
Dresses... 7.99

And I was completely satisfied with my newfound thrifting experience
until the day that I walked in to find a sign that read...

$2 Clearance Sale
and as I began to overload my basket with "new" clothing items I promised myself...

"I will never shop here (on non-sale days) again"

because when it was all said and done I left that day with...

9 dresses
12 shirts
2 pants
4 sweaters
3 coats
1 vest
1 jumpsuit

realizing I had basically managed to wrangle up an entirely "new" wardrobe for just under... $65!

What did I get?
$2 Green Jacket
$2 Plum Sweater Dress

Paired with free "new shoes"

 Long $2 Button-Down Sweater w/ pockets

 $2 African Print Dress
$2 Striped Dress

$2 Tribal Maxi Skirt

$2 Animal Print Shirt 

and these other $2 shirts
also worn with my same black dress


$2 Tribal Flow Pants

$2 Maxi Dress

$2 Black and White Sweater Dress
$2 Polka Dot Dress

each paired w/ a
$2 Black Cardigan

AND a...

 $2 "Summer Orange" Dress
(worn 3 ways)


So here's to "never shopping" at the thrift store ever again!

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