Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Winston is... My Silent "W"

My husband Winston is...

a quiet man
not given to many words
silent most days

and yet carries a strong presence

He can fix cars, dryers, vacuum cleaners
give massages
and make biscuits from scratch

He is private
has a calm temperament
doesn't demand a lot of attention

and will probably ask me remove this post
(if he ever finds it)

He is not a "hey, look at me kind of guy"
but carries gifts and talents that cannot be ignored

Then one day...

as I was writing the word "whole"
I noticed

the silent "w"

and realized that the only difference between the spelling in the antonyms

is the silent "w"

and although the w is silent
adding it brings completion

to an otherwise
empty word

It signifies that something can go from having

a hole
an incompletion
a defect of sorts

to being


by simply adding...

a silent w

And the irony is that...

only three days after noting this "spelling lesson"
my husband walked back in the house and informed

"You'll have to ride with me... your car has a flat"

(yep, the tire had a literal hole!)

and as we all piled into his car

my hubby and my father sitting in front
me and the kids in the back

I couldn't help but smile
for feeling an overwhelming sense of

peace and

for the "ride along"

as I also quietly thanked God for my "silent W"
because even though the letter doesn't make a sound...

it most certainly enhances the definition!

(sharing this today)

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