Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

She's Got Drama!

Well here it is...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've got drama!

I've actually known for quite some time now

but it became


to me last weekend

as I witnessed my two children perform together in their school musical

They've got drama...

(and I know for sure because I witness it everyday)

but when school started this year
we were informed that the musical was chosen with my son in mind

and he subsequently landed the lead role

because of course,

He's got drama...

and then my daughter decided to try out as well because, after all

She's got drama too...

And when she came home with the role of the "understudy"

We had to talk about

Divine appointment

(a pep talk I've also had to give to myself)


I too have been known to have drama...

And over the next few months she


and mastered the role!

Then on the day of the performance...

reality hit

as she

thought about all of the work that she had put in
realizing that she would still not be the one going on stage

So we talked again

and I was happy when she resisted the urge to pout, deciding instead,
to assist as stage manager during the noon performance as

She let go of her drama

and on the ride home after the show
she talked to me about her experiences backstage

and as I turned the key
and we entered the house

my hubby looked up and said...

"Moriah, you got the call.  Get ready. Be ready.  You're performing tonight at 7pm"

(and my absolute favorite part was her response)

"Thank you, Jesus"

and of course I couldn't miss

the teachable moment
the preachable moment

by simply asking her to remember our talks

which shifted the conversation back to Christmas

(because in that moment we both knew)

that this
is exactly
what this

Seasonal celebration is all about

Jesus seeing our drama

and caring
and coming

to rescue us

so we could be here...
right here...

living a life of gratitude and grace


to know that

he's got...
she's got...
we've got...


and He is with us in the midst of it all


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