Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 15... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 15:  Move

We pray to learn and know...

when to stand
when to stay

when to simply

move on

"The Time is Now"
(originally posted 1/15/16)

The time has finally come...and we are ready

to move from one place
to the next

as we've been

talking about this
planning for this
praying for this

for what seems like years now

Even the day our furniture was scheduled to arrive

we waited
and waited


where are they?
what is taking so long?
what is the holdup?

until I finally decided to go outside and look

and once outside

I heard
I saw
I clearly understood


His delay is not His denial

because the delivery truck had already arrived

The holdup?

The workers were trying to figure out how to unload the stuff
(their truck was too large to turn onto the side street where we are located)

so they stopped traffic
asked the neighbors to move their cars and
slowly inched along the side of our building

to unload the 200 boxes containing our stuff

And as

I watched
I realized

that sometimes


we are waiting on something from God

a prayer
a petition
a plan

and we are left waiting...

(not because He's slow or unwilling)

but because

the desires
the plans
the destiny

He has in mind for us is/are too big
for the little side street where we reside

so He has to

stop traffic
move things around
slowly inch along

to ensure that He doesn't tear up our street
while delivering our goods!

So even when it takes longer than you'd hoped, please know that...

His delay is not His denial

He is simply

prepping you
preparing you

because He cares for you
right now!


  1. Yes, Tammy! Hold on sis, and remember that God's timing and ours are two different things.