Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 17... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 17: Study

Life of my teenage athlete...


"What My Work Keys Taught
Me About Studying the Bible"
(originally posted 12/21/15)

I have a set of keys that I use almost daily

and although

they look the same
they open different doors

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

and most days I can use them without even looking

Because since I use them everyday
I know where they are on the key ring

and the other day as I was using one of those keys
(found without looking)

I wondered...

how it was exactly that I had

the right key to open
the right door before me

because after all...

(there are many keys on that key ring)

and although

they look the same
they open different doors

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

And once inside...

I immediately thought of Peter

who was handed a set of "spiritual keys" to use, and
who handed us a set of "spiritual keys" to also use

to open
the Kingdom Door for others

and I realized why it is so important

to learn
to study
to grow

from the Holy Scriptures

to read the Bible daily
to become familiar with

It's doctrines
It's passages
It's pages


how comfortable we are

holding those keys
handling those keys
using those keys

is the ultimate determining factor in how comfortable we will be
sharing Kingdom information with others

because how often you "use those keys"

will help you (without looking) to determine

when and

to open

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

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