Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 20... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 20: Weekend

Homework graded
report typed
chores complete



and I will not bother him because...

this is weekend grace

"Hair Sessions... Life Lessons"
(originally posted 11/24/12)

I've been hearing her voice lately...

(which in itself is not totally uncommon because I've heard her voice my entire life) 

But lately however,
I've been hearing those things

that she said to me...
along with the things that she didn't say

I've just recently come to understand...

what she really meant when she spoke
what she really wanted me to know, but I was too young to understand
what she said that I didn't comprehend

I get it now.  She had a lot to say and we had the time.

I wonder if this is why girls have longer hair than boys

So that we have the time...

to sit
and listen
and learn

the lessons that we will carry into our lives as


Is this why my "early year hair sessions" were a weekend long production?

Friday night...


to dry overnight.

Saturday morning...


and braid into ponytails.

Sunday morning...


gladly showing the result of her handiwork.

I've been hearing her voice lately...

Friday night...

close your eyes
lean your head back
be still

Saturday morning...

hold your ear
be still

Sunday morning...

you look just like your father
move your hand

Now that I am a mother I realize that...

everything she did
everything she said

and even what she didn't say

laid the foundation for the moments that I am now living

And I've been hearing her voice lately...

"Stand on His Word"
"Trust God, He'll see you through"
"Be Anxious for nothing"

Friday night...

wash (live a clean life, and don't let the dirt get into your eyes)
detangle (sometimes life hurts... know when to fight, know when to surrender)
plait (learn how to hold it together)

to dry overnight.  (because some things just take time)

Saturday morning...

part (so learn how to separate yourself)
press (because some kinks only surrender to heat)
grease (and remember to let the oil of gladness saturate your mind)

and braid into ponytails. (then do what it takes to stay out of a tangled mess)

Sunday morning...

untie (which means you must know when to release and let go)
brush (because a good bristle has its proper place)
parade (but always let your walk show His goodness)

"One day I won't be around anymore to tell you these things"
"But you will hear my voice reminding you"
"And you're gon' miss me when I'm gone"

Friday night...

close your eyes (pray without ceasing)
lean your head back (then look to the hills for help)
be still (and you will see the salvation of the Lord)

Saturday morning...

hold your ear (you can't listen to everyone)
relax (trust in God)
be still (and stop trying to control everything)

Sunday morning...

you look just like your father (don't ever forget who you belong to)
move your hand (and let Him work it out)
BE STILL! (know that He is God!)

It's amazing what you can hear when you don't even realize that you are listening,

But I've been hearing her voice lately...

And I'm grateful for our many hair sessions, life lessons.

"Moriah, come have a seat." 

Lean your head back...
close your eyes....

just be still, child.

"Thanks Mom"

(Now it is my turn to teach the class)

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