Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 22... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 22: Off

The take off was
but I'm thankful for
a seatmate who talked me through it
a complete stranger
with a name that rhymed with mine
randomly selected
to remind me that with God
there are no coincidences
because He
where we are
and even with a shaky take-off
our faith in Him promises a
successful trip
safe landing

"Light Bulb Moment"
(originally posted 10/30/13)

I was in the 3rd grade and had realized my mistake almost as soon as I had made it

My class was doing a science experiment with mini light bulbs
and as we prepared for recess our teacher reminded us...

"Be careful with your light.  If you break it, you will not get another"

I heard him loud and clear
and was

determined to be responsible
focused on being responsible

until it was time to go outside and play
and I quickly forgot about responsibility

I set the tiny bulb down onto my desk
(and watched)

as it rolled in slow motion off of my desk and onto the floor,
shattering into pieces

My heart sank and I looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but everyone
was already heading out of the classroom so I picked up my shattered pieces
and dropped them into the waste basket on my way out of the room

I was so distraught that I couldn't even enjoy the recess that I had so anticipated
and it must have been written all over my face because my best friend looked at me and asked

"What's wrong?"

I told her everything, dramatically replaying the scene and expecting sympathy
But she wasn't moved

She just looked at me and said
"Tondra, it's Mr. Gagan... just ask for a new bulb"

As her words began to sink in, my fears melted

"Oh yeah", I remembered and wondered what I had been so worried about

After all I had

the best teacher
who held my best interest

and a best friend to remind me...

that he wouldn't get mad at me
he couldn't get mad at me

I was eight and had simply made a mistake

Once back in the classroom, I walked up to his desk taking a deep breath as I explained
"I'm sorry, I accidently dropped my light bulb"

He looked up at me, and in that defining moment, forever impacted

my life
my outlook
my future work with children

He simply handed me a new bulb with a smile and said "Be careful, okay?"

and that was it

No questions
No reprimands
No "I-told-you-so"

None of those things

Just a smile... and a provision

So again, I ask for God's grace to...

slow down
stay focused
pay attention

as I

with gratitude and grace
hold onto my little light


it's what I've got
and I know
that I will not get another

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