Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 27... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 27: Bouquet

Save the...

flowery words

for someone else

All I ask is that we fully enjoy our time together now
because I don't need a bouquet to know you really care

"Stop and Smell the Roses"
(originally posted 9/11/12)

My son took this picture of me one year while we were on vacation...

We were sitting in the lobby waiting for the rest of our group to meet us, and he asked for my camera.  I was uncertain, but handed it to him anyway. 

Then he noticed a small bouquet of flowers sitting on a small table between us,
and asked if I would take a picture holding them because...

"Mom, they match your dress"

(only thing...I was wearing a skirt)

Then he surprised me when he asked for me to stop and smell them

"What does a (then) 9 year old boy know about stopping to smell the roses?"

And there it was...

Isaiah 11:6 "...and a little child shall lead them."
And so I'm encouraging you today to...
hold the ones that you love dearly
thank the Lord above
let a child lead you

and take time to stop and smell the roses!

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