Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 3... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 3... Wardrobe

Some people have more...
Some people have less...
but the secret to true happiness 
is found in being content right where you are
the clothes
in your wardrobe
in your closet
on your back
can never
cover your soul
"Why I Will Never Thrift Store Shop Again"
originally posted 11/27/15
I hated thrift store shopping when I was a child... HATED it!

Looking through

the aisles
the racks
the piles of clothes

was something that I just didn't


But as I grew older

I found my way back inside of a popular thrift store
and immediately fell in love with the bargains found there!

Shirts... 3.99
Pants... 5.99
Dresses... 7.99

And I was completely satisfied with my newfound thrifting experience
until the day that I walked in to find a sign that read...

$2 Clearance Sale
and as I began to overload my basket with "new" clothing items I promised myself...
"I will never shop here (on non-sale days) again"
because when it was all said and done I left that day with...

9 dresses
12 shirts
2 pants
4 sweaters
3 coats
1 vest
1 jumpsuit

realizing I had basically managed to wrangle up an entirely "new" wardrobe for just under... $65!


  1. Thanks Tondra, this post on contentment was right on time. Thanks for the confirmation. Much love!

  2. AmaZing deals! WoW!~ Extra, extra-love your powerful words, poetically-said: "...(your) clothes...can never cover your soul" *Amen!! !

    Tiffany C.