Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 5... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 5... Silence

Sometimes silence speaks loud and clear...

"Your Opinion Doesn't Matter... Your Voice Does"
(originally posted 11/24/14)

We comment
We share
We like

We friend
We pin
We post

We are passionate

about everything...
and nothing...

We watch, but do not see
We listen, but cannot hear

We cry
We scream
We demand

and yet our voices remain silent

We have an opinion and will fight to defend it
(but we never really do more than that)

We believe
We march
We pray

But what action do we take?

And since today is filled with so many


we shouldn't consume all of our energy
by having just an opinion

Because tomorrow... 

all of today's opinions will get

mushed together
clouded by reaction and
pushed further down into the news feed

And when you wake to find the remnant of your opinion cannot even be found
maybe then you'll realize that your opinion doesn't even really matter...

only your voice does


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