Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Facing A Mountain... Where Do You Stand?

The sun was shining brightly and I could see the face of the mountain

I had passed that way many times before,
but never recall seeing it quite like that

and I wondered...
then I realized...


every object has

a face
a shadow
a silhouette

same object
different view

But each of these views have at least one thing in common...

the sun is shining!


a face
is seen when we are facing an object and the sun is behind us

a shadow
is cast when both the object and the sun are behind us

a silhouette
is when the sun is behind the object that we are facing

and since life presents so many unwanted


we must remember that

what we see
how we see

the mountain
the obstacle
the situation

we are facing

depends not only on...

our position
(as it relates to the object)

but more importantly...

our position
(as it relates to the sun/the Son)

because with each view we can still clearly see that

the Son is shining!


  1. We went in similar directions this week.

  2. Oh Tondra!
    I absolutely delight in all the ways you wove the meanings and uses of these words together! :D
    Thank you for such a beautiful message in the midst of brilliant word-weaving this week!
    (#3 this week)

  3. beautifully written thank you...stopping by from FMF...Gloria.

  4. Tondra.... Wow!!!! This just blew me away. Such a FRESH perspective on the word and it hit my heart in an incredible way. Thank you, thank you! I agree with Tammy - beautiful word weaving, made weighty and wonderful by such an anointed message. Sending huge thanks and love your way, Kara - your FMF neighbour (#74 this week) xx