Friday, February 14, 2020

Thrill or Chill... at California African American Museum

Los Angeles offers it's share
of FREE museums

to highlight


but how many have you visited?

Museum free-for-all


Popping in today to share
another museum adventure!!

CA African American Museum

Marlies from...
"The Single Sisters"

"You cannot know where you're going,
until you know where you've been"


Take a stroll through the adjacent
Rose Garden in Exposition Park,
Photo Cred:

or stop in for a program, talk,
or workshop that speaks to you


Join Asha...

Saturday, Feb 15th

FREE Black Women's
Library Book Swap and Art

Photo Cred:

click here

plus check out rotating exhibits
for "a blast from the past"...

Cross Colours Exhibit

Black Fashion in the 20th Century


(NOW through August 23, 2020)


Let's set the record straight...

There's nothing quite like
the perfect Museum Experience!

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Thrill or Chill... at the FIDM Museum

Last year marked our first visit to the Museum at the
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising


and sparked what may turn
into an annual tradition

Four Museums to Visit

as we anticipated viewing

the 2019 Award-winning
"Black Panther" costumes

Missed it?
They're back on display!

(February 4- March 21, 2020)

The Gardner Family
"The Family w/ Teens"

FREE entrance, parking, and movie snacks?
Yes please, and thank you!

There are many reasons to stop in
for this FREE experience...

(to start)

in addition to the return
of Ruth Carter's

award winning designs...

they also have the Oscar!!

Check out the costumes from your favorite
2020 Academy Award nominated films


Queen and Slim


Aladdin and Captain Marvel

Downton Abbey

take a closer look
at the elaborate


in case you'd been wondering...

Star Wars

Drumroll, please...

and the 2020
Costume Design winner is?

Jacqueline Durran


Little Women
Best Costume Design

Once Upon a Time...
Best Supporting Actor- Brad Pitt

Best Actor- Joaquin Phoenix


and of course you'll stop to say farewell
to everyone's "neighbor" Mister Rogers

as the museum exit drops
you into the adjacent park

(a reminder to also be grateful)


it's a beautiful day

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Our 20th Anniversary Vacation Rewind... Singapore 2000

It is hard to fathom...

that a complete 20 years has elapsed,
(but here we are) 

celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary

w/ a look back at some adventures/lessons
we have shared along the way

Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Vacation Rewind!

(with that said... yes, photos were analog)

The Gardner Family
"The Family w/ Teens"

Remembering back to the time
when it was just the two of us...

Los Angeles to Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei to Singapore
(approximately 1997 miles)

(which translates to 18 total HOURS of flight time)

Here are a few lessons we were forced to learn...

1. Date Honestly

When people "date" they often compromise more often
than they would normally on a daily basis

once you are married
and with someone


it becomes physically and emotionally draining if you are
constantly sacrificing your pleasure for the sake of your partner

be honest
speak up

and keep an open
heart and mind

2. Compromise must be balanced

EACH partner needs opportunities to do what calls to them and
hubby and I found out just how differently we approach adventure

when we traveled across the world together for the first time

he craves thrill...
she craves chill...

and the two very rarely
see eye-to-eye!

Which lead to the hardest (and still) most controversial lesson yet

3. It is okay to take separate excursions


this is your first (and possibly only)
visit to these beautiful landscapes

be mature enough to make
decisions that please both partners

(for instance)

I wanted the...

National Orchid Garden
(while in Singapore)

click here

Riverboat Tour Singapore

Hubby wanted...

White Water Rafting
(while in Bali)

So we each got a day to do
what we wanted (guilt free)!

"Life is short"


4. Do what makes you happy

then meet back up

to share a meal, watch the beautiful sunset, and
exchange stories about the adventures of the day

It's okay to...

5. Try something new

Hubby's first taste of Dragon Fruit

Singapore to Bali
(approx. 1037 miles)

We took a walk down 182 steps
to the hotel's private beach

and when we returned to our room,
a surprise package had been delivered

(courtesy of our trip coordinator)


a bundle of fabric
with a note...

"Join us tomorrow night for an exotic culinary experience.
Use the fabric provided to create your own outfit"

which perhaps provided the greatest lesson of all...

6. Use what you have to create
something beautiful and unique


Life and Love
are gifts from God

So get out there and enjoy them both!

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