Monday, October 14, 2019

Face Your Fear of Flying (w/ ShaRhonda Rose)

The world is full of


and there are so many things
to both see and do

But when fear tries to hold you back?

You MUST take time to...

address it
confront it
face it

because only then
will you learn to cope

and/or completely conquer it!

ShaRhonda Rose
"Overcame the Fear of Flying"

She says...

Thank you Jesus!
I overcame a fear that I can say "I had"

(past tense)


Ya gurl is over it!  

Have apprehension or anxiety about flying?

ShaRhonda Rose suggests...

-studying, praying, reading
-creating a vision board
-replacing fear with facts

(in order to)

-step onto the airplane armed with
knowledge, strength, and courage!

The key to facing fear begins with taking one (single) step at a time...

"Courage is not the absence of fear,
but the triumph over it"

-Nelson Mandela

She says...

In my mind I saw myself traveling all over the world,
but was afraid to get on the plane y'all. 

So (for years) I allowed fear to hold me back
from what I wanted most, and was missing
out on some amazing experiences. 

Not anymore!!

This woman's got her wings, and she's gonna fly

Up next...

She's sharing photos from her recent trip!

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Introducing ShaRhonda Rose...

Our newest traveler
refuses to allow anything

(including a fear of flying)


hinder her
stop her
slow her down

Her journey will inspire you
and provide a glimpse of how to

challenge yourself
face your fears

and completely
conquer them!



ShaRhonda Rose
"Overcame the Fear of Flying"

Follow along on her adventures
and watch her conquer the fear of flying!

(and meet the other members of our family)

Monday, October 7, 2019

Rent a Mansion For Your Next Family Trip (w/ LaShae)

Planning a getaway
with extended family?

Skip the hotel,
fancy restaurants,
expensive excursions

and just


Here's how...

"The Single Mom"

Photo Cred: Ashley Amber

Bringing multiple generations of your family together
does not (necessarily) require extended travel

in fact

connecting with your loved ones
starts with three simple planning details


Los Angeles to Scottsdale, Arizona
(approx. 389 miles)

Traveler's Tip:

Skip the hotel
and rent an entire house

(using airbnb)

Our featured traveler and her family managed
to get all FOUR generations together under one roof!

Photo Courtesy Villa Vista

Once your entire family has gathered under one roof
utilize the kitchen and prepare a meal together!

Day 1

Fish Fry

Fried Fish and spicy Shrimp Boil
w/ corn and red potatoes

Day 2

make your plate

share stories

(while giving God thanks for)

one generation...
two generation...
three generation...


proving no matter
how near or far we have traveled

the measure of our strength is
found in the time we spend together!


speaking of strength...

Check out her new show!!!

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Monday, September 30, 2019

Memories of Japan (w/ Jamilla)... and an announcement!

Our attorney stays busy

(which means she always has a bag packed)


She's steadily on the move!

So imagine her surprise (a few years ago) when she told her grandfather
that she was planning a trip to Japan, and he interrupted to ask...

"Are there any adults going"?

Moral of the story:

No matter how many

classes you've taught
cases you've won
countries you've traveled

you're never fully grown
to your grandparents!


The Harris Family
"The Single Sisters"

featuring Jamilla...

Congratulations on making PARTNER!!
Michael Sullivan and Associates

proving that

hard work and

is the key to success!

(Jam, we are so proud of YOU!!)


And now...

for the vacation rewind

Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan
(approx. 5,451 miles)

Looking for adventure?

Try someplace new...

hop inside the water bus for a
ride to the man-made island



there are so many things to see and do!

visit the website...

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Perfect Day at Coco Cay (a cruise w/ The Lewis Family)

The kids have returned to college...

but here's a quick rewind with our featured family
as they share their Summer Adventures

(and show us how to)


with an
8 day family cruise!

" The Empty Nesters"

Photo Cred: Philicia Scott

Los Angeles to Miami
(approx. 2,339 miles)

When it's family travel time
all you need is this short checklist...


All Aboard!


Royal Caribbean
Symphony of the Seas

"The Biggest Ship, The Boldest Adventures"

Travel Tip:

Iron your clothes before leaving home

(Use of personal irons and steamers are prohibited
in order to prevent power surges or loss of power)

Wrinkled clothing?

No worries... there are 24 pools!
(put on your swim suits instead)


when traveling by cruise ship
getting there is more than half the fun


There's something for everyone!


Seek and you will find...
(check out the things to do)

Thrill and Chill at
Perfect Day Island

Welcome to...

St. Kitts

this self-proclaimed "Island of Smiles"
will remind you to...

cherish the ones you love
love the ones you cherish

while checking off

St. Kitts
St. Thomas
Charlotte Amalie

from your list

closeup of a woman smiling
Photo Cred: St. Kitts Tourism
(check it out)

"You made it, baby girl"

proving once again that spending
time together as a family is the

all time
best part

of summer vacation!

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Monday, September 16, 2019

"Road to 50 Travel Adventures" (Niagara Falls)

If you're new here,
start at the beginning

and read about our featured traveler's
"Road to 50" Travel Adventures in... 

Now let's cross the border
over into Canada!!

"The Doctor"


New York to Ontario, Canada
(approx. 411 miles)

Take a note from the doctor

grab your bestie, and start unapologetically
crossing off more items from your bucket list!

She said...

Here with my Louise, but

"We changed the ending"

Niagara Falls

With over 300 tons of water crashing down each minute,
visitors should definitely be prepared to "get misted"!

Tickets and Tours?

Travel Tip:

No passport?
No worries!

Although our featured traveler recommends
that you "cross over" at least once in your lifetime,
you may also view the falls from the United States

2019 Travel Guide

Niagara USA Travel Guide

because sometimes travels are

awe inspiring

reminders that...

He holds it all
He holds us all

(and through it all)

His promise remains
The Road to 50 continues...

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