Friday, June 3, 2022

First Friday- A Story. A Song. An Activity (The ABC's of Black History)

Black History touches our lives every day
and in an unlimited number of ways

This month's story "The ABC's of Black History" 
by Rio Cortez provides a glimpse into the richness of
Black American History while reminding readers that...

Black History is not limited
to 28 days in February


J is for Juneteenth- 
A Celebration of Freedom and Hope

First Fridays-
A Story. A Song. An Activity.

Virtual Storytime

A Story


sing along w/ Elmo and friends as we learn the 
history of Juneteenth, the cultural relevance, and the 
significance of setting up a "red foods" snack table

A Song

An Activity

J is for Juneteenth
Juneteenth Celebratory Activities

Bring children, families, and your local community
together by hosting a Juneteenth celebration.  

Check out the video for four things to consider:

The conversation
The setting
The music
The food

and since...

Black History benefits and uplifts us all,
we should ALL celebrate!

How will you celebrate Juneteenth?

Friday, May 6, 2022

First Fridays- A Story. A Song. An Activity (I Am Peace- A Book of Mindfulness)

 Sometimes the waves of life seem 
as if they will overtake us and

(during that feeling of overwhelm) 

we need an opportunity to

Take a Moment.
Take a Breath.

Introduce mindfulness and deep breathing to children
as self-regulation strategies to use during moments of stress

First Fridays-
A Story. A Song. An Activity.

Virtual Storytime

A Story

Then share this short guided meditation
song with children for a calming experience

A Song

Safe and Calm | Meditation for Children
The Learning Station

An Activity

Float or Sink?
Play Provocation Space

Use what you have to facilitate this inquiry based approach
to exploring density, weight/weightlessness and buoyancy

"I don't need to worry about before or after. 
I am in THIS moment. I am peace."

Friday, March 18, 2022

First Friday - A Story. A Song. An Activity. (The Doctor With An Eye For Eyes)

We take time each year in March
 to celebrate Women's History Month 




contributions women and girls 
have made all throughout history

Let's celebrate women and girls every day!!

First Fridays-
A Story. A Song. An Activity

Virtual Storytime

A Story

A Song

Kidz BOP 2020 Vision

An anthem for children who have
the vision to make the world shine!

An Activity

Dr. Patricia E. Bath used her gifts to help the world see!

Invisible Art- Wax Resist Art

Introduce this activity to bring together art and science,
amplify the message of female empowerment, and start a
conversation about using your gifts to change the world

Be strong, stay focused,
push forward, shine bright...

and you'll find all your dreams
will be well within sight!


Find additional stories and activities...
that highlight the work of Amazing Women Scientists

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

What? Why? How? (One Hundred Days of Grace)


One hundred consecutive days 
(my journey begins March 1) 

of noticing...

one thing

each day



We let so many moments of grace slip past by 
failing to see the beauty in our everyday lives





and when you see grace...

take it in!


There's no wrong way to
start your journey...

You may choose to document it with a photo
journal the moment, or share with someone else

One Hundred Days of Grace
March 1- June 8

Sunday, February 6, 2022

A Return to Simple- Slow and Intentional Living

I felt...

pulled out of my natural daily rhythm

so I...


and was "gifted" a year and a half

to slow down, investigate and lean in

(on my journey toward self-paced intentional living)

and within that time

what I learned to
embrace is that...

I am built differently!!

I am highly emotional.
I require more time to process information.
I recover with large blocks of uninterrupted quiet time.

and at times...

I desire to move at a slower pace than others around me.


 I struggled with this
fought against it

forcing myself 

to attempt 
to adapt 
to the energy 

around me,

but finally, after slowing down, 
I discovered my natural rhythm, 

(the pace of lifestyle that feels good to me,)
while delving deeper into things
that nourish me

and I like it here, 
so I am here to stay

The Perfect Green Smoothie

more to come...

Friday, February 4, 2022

First Fridays - A Story. A Song. An Activity. (A Place Inside of Me)

As we celebrate Black History Month,

our selected story provides an opportunity to come
together, give voice to feelings, and heal.  

Create a safe space to initiate 
a healing conversation as... 

"A Place Inside of Me"
A Poem to Heal the Heart

models how to use 

creative expression as an outlet 
for everything we may be feeling.  

Joy, Fear, Sorrow, Anger, Compassion, Healing... and Hope!

A Story

A Song

"Lift Every Voice and Sing"
Black National Anthem

This new twist to a classic tune encourages us to use our voice
in ways that promote unity, healing, and hope. As we celebrate
Black History Month, we stand together to declare peace,
love, and belonging for all children, everywhere

An Activity

Create an opportunity for children to create their
vision for our homes, schools, and community.

Community Mural

Prepare the space and bring that vision to life 
with a community mural and plan of action...

because together we can change the world!

"Against all odds my people have emerged
Strong, Triumphant, and Beautiful"

Friday, January 7, 2022

First Friday - A Story. A Song. An Activity. (Your Name is a Song)

Stories can serve as both 
"Mirrors and Windows" 


reminding us 
to look within

(to see ourselves)


allowing us
to see outwardly

(to see others)

"Your Name is a Song"
by Jamilah Thomkins-Bigelow

is a story of a young girl frustrated by constantly
having her beautiful name mispronounced
She soon learns that her name is a song, 
sings it to her friends and teaches them how to sing it as well

First Fridays-
A Story. A Song. An Activity

Virtual Storytime

A Story

Turn up the music and encourage children to sing along with acclaimed poet 
Maya Angelou featuring Elmo as we learn to celebrate our names

A Song

An Activity

Play Provocation Space

set up an area where children can explore, find the rhythm
in their names, and create their own unique name songs

Three thoughts to guide you...

- Use what you have
- Provide enough time/space for exploration
- Set up, then step back

"Made up names come from dreamers. Their real names 
were stolen long ago so they dream up new ones"