Saturday, February 29, 2020

Support Your Local Black Owned Business (B.O.B)


we work hard and wish to
spend our money wisely

(which is why I believe)

when graced
with the opportunity

it is a blessing

to support our locally operated
Black Owned Businesses


The Gardner Family
"The Family w/ Teens"

First of all...

When you find a business you "love" with
business owners who "love you back"

support them!

Some of our favorite local family businesses
are Korean, Vietnamese, Latino, and Italian

But for ice cream?

It's got to be...

Ken's Ice Cream

(Ken's Ice Cream has been a staple in our
neighborhood for as long as I can remember)

In fact...

my closest middle school friends and I
walked here everyday after school



Ms. Wanda made sure our chocolate chip cookies
were fresh out of the oven just in time for our arrival

Ice Cream and Cookies were
the perfect "after school" snack!

Ms.Wanda recently handed the family
business down to her grandchildren...

Stop by and say hello!

Shades of Color
When I received this beautiful
woven bag as a gift earlier this year

I was pleasantly surprised to
discover they were my neighbors

"Find your purpose in life, and live it"

The best part?

When I reached out...
they reached right back!

I learned that...

Shades of Color has been in business for 25 years,
collaborates with local artists, consistently builds upon
their product line, and has something for everyone!


Seeing a positive reflection of yourself
greatly affects your self identity.

Representation matters!

-Black Enterprise

(do yourself a favor and
check out their full product line)

Textured Tech

I had been looking for a
Black Owned Beauty Supply

and was thrilled when a new one opened
(just one block from our intersection of "Double Grace")


when I chopped my hair,

my stylist suggested I stop in to see
her friends at Textured Tech

(who provide)

-haircare and skincare products
-professional consultations
-wigs, extensions, braids


educational workshops/demos


the "Black Hair" experience
is a unique and important one

Get the app or order online

(and this one is personal...)

as we've watched our


her family business!

Is it HOT in here?
Yes ma'am!

So come on in...

wipe your feet
take a seat

and prepare to stay awhile

as the down home ambience,
welcoming staff, and good food


warms you from the inside out!

Hotville Chicken and Chops LA

Kim Prince


"We're just frying chicken, y'all"

but when you

meet her

experience the Nashville
"southern hospitality"


witness "the family" interacting
(while serving with a smile)

you'll know that it's
way more than just chicken...
it's a whole lotta love!!

An opportunity to take the taste home is coming soon!

(find more Top 5 Favorites here)

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