Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flashback Friday... Wanna be a Fisherman?

You wanna be a fisherman?

Well, first you gotta learn how to bait your own hook
(at least that's what he told me)

We went fishing a lot back then

early morning
late afternoon
summer break

Whenever the mood hit, really

Sometimes my mother would come to pick me up from their house only to be greeted by a note tacked to the front door.

"Mama, we have gone fishin'"

I enjoyed fishing.  Had a rod just my size and everything, and I could reel 'em in all day.  But I was scared of two things...

baiting the hook and
taking the fish off the line

He said...

You wanna be a fisherman
You gotta learn how to bait your own hook

So I thought about it
Tried to work up the nerve to overcome my fears but

What if I poke myself with the hook?
What if the worm falls off?
What if the fish tries to bite me?

He said...

those questions were valid, but if

You wanna be a fisherman
You gotta learn how to bait your own hook

It didn't even matter to him that some days my line was the only one to reel in any fish. 

He said that since he had baited the line
and he was the one that took the fish off,
that fish counted as his catch 

He said that all I had done was hold the pole

Then I understood a little better my first year in high school

It was the year that I...

got saved
was born again
found Christ 

(well, He actually found me)

and I was so excited that I tried to tell everyone of my newfound joy

My pastor said, "if you get 'em here, I'll reel 'em in." 

Only thing?

he didn't know that I had never learned how to bait a hook and
it had been years since my early year fishing trips, but I remembered...

You wanna be a fisherman?
You gotta learn how to bait your own hook

So I spent that year trying to learn...

I poked myself with the hook
the worm squirmed out of my fingers
the fish bit me

All of my fears were realized, but I eventually got it!

And learned what he had really been trying to teach me...

If you want to catch something
You're going to have to sacrifice something else

you will not be the most popular
you will smell a little different
you will have to sit in silence (watching and waiting) for long periods of time

and the people walking by just may not get it

you will have to get up before sunrise
you will have to dress in layers to keep warm
and you will have to learn to handle live bait


if you find the right spot

and sit 
and wait

'til the sun comes up

you just may catch a live one!

That is... if you wanna be a fisherman

Matthew 4:19